I meant …am nothing without you

Like the feel look for the land to walk on

like the birds look for a home

like the night sky for the moon

a thirsty one for the water

I crave for the one 

the one who would enlighten me

bring me to life 

like a sapling out of the seed

you became the one who lit me on fire

you give the pain..yet you give me the desire to live

you lighten up the smile on my face

and you become the reason for the tears that uncontrollably flow down

never walk away from me, leaving me stranded

I may know the way back home

yet without you, there is no home 

you are the heaven and hell  I want to be in.

6 thoughts on “I meant …am nothing without you

    1. love..is never easy..hence hell is also needed…Moreover..how can we appreciate the precious moments when we have not gone through hell… sorrows and happiness are a part of life

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      1. Once I heard a schizophrenic person saying that he would not like to be “normal” because it would be boring but for the “normal” the “normal” life is not boring… 🙂 once you know that love doesn’t have to be painful and the hell is not needed then you don’t want it anymore. But I understand, I’m also not yet in a place bereft of pain🙂

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