As I walked leaving my footprints


Standing on the wet sand soaked by the sea

I looked at the sky which was kissing the sea in the horizon

All I could see was three four boats that were floating on the waves of the sea

as if, they were some toys kept on the wavering surface.

the ripples were higher, and the sea came kissing the land

I moved away as the waves shattered itself on to the sand

leaving behind some shells as footprints

the saltiness that the waves brought to me remained on my lips

it was as if the waves kissed me and went away

as I soaked in the waves the sand covered on me clung on to my dress

I stood there soaking myself and watching the elegant sunset

the dark reddish orange ball immersed into the clouds as if it were hiding.

I raised my hands inviting the wind to embrace me in their arms

the feel of the wind gushing and passing through my body was intriguing

I stood there for a while until I stopped dripping the salty water

by the sea, I walked down the beach line with my feet immersed in the sand

marking my footprints on those wet sand

watching everything drift away into the darkness into the deep sleep as the nightfall began.

As everything turned dark, I closed my eyes and submerged into the darkness

sleeping tight in the hope of awakening into a bright daylight.

Nightfall- the blissful nature


The whole sky was lit bright stars and in those dark roads down to home, the stars lit their path. The shiniest one seems to look at her and twinkle, every time her shining starry eyes looked at it. The stars and the path were filled with memories and were overwritten by the new memories. 

The journey was endless, she just wished that time stopped there, amidst the calm and pristine valleys and mountains. She felt like soaking herself in the fresh air and the cool mist. She wanted to float like a feather in the dense air, feel like being in nature. She felt the coldness, the cool breeze that was kissing her face, her neck and everywhere. Nature was fondling her, she felt like she is in her mother’s lap. 

The thickets of green trees and bushes, that was bordering her pathway, was like bouquets of freshness and the essence was booming all around her. The joy of being in the lap of nature, made her feel alive again. The cool gush of air, she felt like liberating from her body and fly like a bird all around. 

The view from the top was so immense, that she could just perish into the thin air and feel the love of nature. She wanted to cherish every moment under the starry lit sky and live like a child born to nature. 

The urge to jump from the top and fly like a bird was intense, but her dreams knew she was not a bird to fly around, but to caged in this human form.  The nightfall made the place spectacular, that her eyes could never stop watching the beauty overflowing. The starts guided her all along and the breeze sang melodies in her ears. 

All she could feel was the love and fresh breath of the universe around her. The endless love that she keeps hidden in her soul. 

She realized how much she has been away from this impeccable beauty and wished to plunge into this warmth of the universe and forget herself forever.