Break the lonliness

She seemed lost

She was not the same soul

smile vanished from her lips

there was no joy in her eyes

the glittering bit of happiness was gone

her reddened eyes filled with tears 

which were redy to flow out

her non-stop chattering mouth

was zipped with silence 

he walked along with her

just to listen to her voice

just to listen to her laughter

yet , all he could feel was the silence

silence that was burning in her

she walked along the streets 

not knowing where she was heading to

as he held her hand and pulled her to reality

as she broke her silence into tears 

telling so much more than she could ever say.

In to the silence

she walked into the silence

the silence that was her world

the silence that was her echo

the emptiness that it brought to her

she remained idle until she was discovered

she was the sunshine of his life

she became a memory forever

that faded into its own way

her memory fell like a stardust in his

making him alive with her freshness

the tinge of memory about their first meet

all he remembered was her enchanting face

the smile that brought all his cells alive

the eyes that attracted him

followed him everywhere

even in his dreams.


The dungeons of my secrets


I was prepared

though my mind fiddled like my hands

the willingness of my brain never convinced my soul

my soul shouted out loud

yet I had locked it up in the deep dungeon

the dungeon of my secrets

the pains cluttered around the soul

silencing it every moment

it was out to be loud

cravings of the soul was never quenched

the thirst continued

until death.

Wandering in the woods


Walking by the woods

gazing the morning sky

whose blueness was hiding among the greenish shades of trees

playing hide and seek with the sun, the leaves moved with the tantalizing wind

Nature was at its best

all I could do was wander away into the deepest forest

forgetting myself in the woods and be absorbed in the shadows of the trees

listening to the sweet murmuring of the winds and the chirping of the birds

I wished to be swallowed into the deep jungles

far off, in the end, all I could hear was the crackling river

the sound of the waterfall just drew me closer to the interiors

like the bee to the flower to quench the thirst, I ran towards the side

drawing closer to the sounds, I moved further more

to my surprise the beauty that awaited me was spellbound

I stood there on the banks of the river overlooking a vast land of green pastures

for a split second, I just stood amazed

as a bird learning to fly, I plunged myself into the river

like a fish, I swam through the coolest water

purifying my soul and refreshing my soul

I swam for a while and climbed back to the grass

I sat there skimming through the beauty of nature.

I just wished to be lost in the beauty of this wilderness.

My reflection in the mirror


Evil in me opened up

as I looked at the mirror

it was just a reflection of me in the mirror

but was it just me?

no, it wasn’t me

It was a wild woman in disguise

I was not the one in the mirror

I knew I was never beautiful and attractive like the one in the mirror

the woman in the mirror had the enchanting eyes

she could seduce anyone

It wasn’t me

where am I hidden in the mirror

I checked twice

but to my surprise

I could never find myself

the old me, who was hidden underneath the clean image

the reflection in the mirror was a woman who was like a vixen

who was killing the soul in me

the real me want to run and escape but it was near impossible

but the wild soul in her had thousands of wounds to hide

none in the world has seen her tears and her agony

it was me, who knew it

I knew the reasons for her to be what she has become now

she became the rock, that never gathered any lichen

the wildness in her was seen in the eyes

even if I tried to die down the fire, it never let go

the fire could burn thousands yet she remained silent

her silence was the smile she wore on her lips

she could fight a war all alone, as the fighter in her could survive

I kneeled down but she stood right across me

and pulled me up and let me hold my head high up

to never let me fail

she gathered my courage and together we walked away into the world.