Ever felt like living in a space, where you are unable to breathe?

Ever felt like living in a space, where you are unable to breathe?

Like you have been imprisoned forever in that space. You call it your home, you might be comfortable in one way, but there are constraints, you feel like your breathing with lots of obstacles.

You become much more aware and focused like a tiger waiting for the prey or a hare grazing on the grass aware of being caught and eaten up one day. It is indeed the toughest moment.

You want freedom,
you want to breathe in peacefully,
like none watching or creating rules for you.
You hold on to many things primarily because you are afraid to break the world you live in. One way you want that world, but in another way, it is a cage for you.
Do you feel it?
Sometimes, you need to choose to breathe in the freshness the world has to offer you.

Even Rain is scared to water me…

Why does sorrow strike me so hard…convoluting my emotions like a twister swiveling across the land, destroying everything within me ..every drop pf happy thought. Finally just departing me, with a heavy load on my heart that weighs me into a puddle of tears rolling down from me….but over the years.. the puddle had dried out and become so barren, that even happiness never bloomed there.

Am I lost or become barren that even rain is scared to water me.

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