7 Ways to Cope with Work from Home and Kids Schooling during Covid

Most of the parents, i know and do not know are going through this same phase now. One side you are dealing with your deadlines and the other side you are handling the kids who are working on their new classwork or even exam. I know I am not alone in this. I know we all parents are braving through this situation which is quite new to all of us. Having everyone at home around and working on things is indeed a hard task.
Right now, both I and my partner are indeed full time working from home, but I am quite lucky that my mom is around and being an experienced teacher and a good mom she helps me and my kids greatly. Yet we all follow certain routines which can be handy for anyone, no matter you have help or not.
Here are some ways on how you can make yourself comfortable with this hectic schedule.

1. Make sure everyone has their own space.

To ensure there are no interruptions in your or your spouse’s work as well as your kids’ studies, ensure that everyone has their own space to work or study uninterrupted. Make sure when you need some space, you tell your kids that you need not be disturbed for a while.

2. Accept the fact that you are not in the office.

Being at home, it means you are always surrounded by kids or someone. Hence accept the fact that you are gonna be always working like this. Once you accept the fact, you will not set many expectations, which indeed helps a lot. Hence this is the new normal which you need to accept.

3. Communicate Well

Be it family or work, make sure you make realistic goals and communicate the same. Never overburden yourself. You can set yourself clear to your co-workers when you are working, that expecting a complete 9-5 job from you when you are at home is not advisable as you are subjected to disturbances at home. At times you need to be around the child, who is also dealing with an unfamiliar situation of learning online. Even the teacher might find it difficult to explain to the child, this is when you can hand in and help the child. Here now at home, when my elder one has a subjective test, I need to be around to click the picture and upload it soon as time is precious. At times my mornings are quite rush time with these activities.

4. Be flexible with your hours

Like in the office you cant set your time and be there working all the time. At home, you have constant calls from kids to feed them or some household work or maybe some help they need at studying. All these are unavoidable tasks, which you need to work on along with work. Hence ensure that you plan your basic activities and work alongside and go for Flexi hours. When you are needed to be around the kid, be that, and then plan your work after that. The first thing you need is to make your mind understand.

5. Schedule

It is very important to set up a schedule in your everyday life. Plan to finish all your cooking for breakfast and lunch before in the morning and then plan for work. If you are cooking separately in the evening for dinner, do it along with the tea and snacks. Make sure you plan your meals and hence purchase accordingly stuffing in the fridge like vegetables, batter etc. It is not just you who can make it right, ensure everyone at home follows the same. Motivate the kids to follow it too.

6. Relax time and break time

Don’t just sit and work, take time out to relax and even spend time playing with kids. Or even grab a book to read. It will help you stress less and polish your brain and body with new energy.

7. Don’t be too stringent to yourself for being perfect

Be imperfect there is nothing wrong it. Sometimes you might all go wrong, it is ok. Just trust yourself and then go with the flow.

I hope these tips help you out in this COVID times. Managing home, work and kids at the same time is indeed a tough job. And remember you are doing great. Keep doing it, and remember to chill.

How to Overcome Negative thoughts and embrace Positivism ?

“Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can’t be done.”

Bo Bennett

It all starts with a gesture, a word or something said by someone or someone so dear to us. And then without any other external effort, we start building a mountain of problems and negative thoughts, which were never in the beginning.

We begin to feel sorry for ourselves and start to belittle ourselves and get drenched in our rain cloud. These accumulating thoughts just go on and on and we are unable to control them. It slowly eats up our conscience and we just lose ourselves into that loop, losing a piece of our selves in that chaos.

So here are some tips, that will help you overcome negative thoughts:

  1. Be the treasure hunter when in negative thought. Find the best out of any negative situation. Like if you have failed upon something, find what you earned from it, be it a lesson or another opportunity. Ask questions to yourself and you are sure to find an appropriate answer to it.
  2. Question yourself, when you are amidst negative thoughts. Is it worth to be upset about that or do you need to take it seriously? It is better to deviate yourself from these thoughts and over a small mistake and then focus on other better things. These questions give you a reality check on the aspects and lets you think clearly.
  3. Keep yourself away from the negative spaces or people or even things. It might be social media, people you know, or even things that remind you of negative things. Stay away from them, and then make use of that space and time effectively.
  4. Let a molehill be a molehill than a mountain. We all have the habit of turning molehills to mountains. And finally who suffers, just us. We panic undauntedly over things that are really not in our control and then waste our time over it.
  5. Talk it out always. An ideal solution for everyone. Talk to someone who knows you well or never judge you over anything.
  6. Breath in and breathe out when you are filling in with negative thoughts. Take yourself out of the situation and then take a break from that negative environment.
  7. Never let vague fears crawl into your mind. Remember that all are different, hence one’s problem may not be your problem. Moreover, if you are not clear about the problem, and just run away from far without even taking a second look at it, then it is the biggest mistake. Sometimes the worst that might happen isn’t the worst you thought it would be.
  8. Guide others with positive aspects. We all are experts in solving other problems in just a click away. Sometimes the more we tend to help others, we tend to solve ours effectively.
  9. Be grateful for what you have. Not everyone around you has what you possess.Being thankful eliminates many unwanted thoughts.
  10. Remember – None care what you do. People speak, blame but they are hardly bothered about what you do. All they see is what they are.

Hence these are some easy tips, isn’t it?

Trust me, not so easy as it sounds though, but worth trying. There is no harm in trying all these.

Either you become successful in evading the negativity out from your life and bring in positivism. Or you might just end up learning another lesson.

In both ways, you are on the better side.

Good Luck !!

Feminist Man bring up the best daughters

Series of inspiring movies…and what’s the best part of it?
Each movie speaks of brave women who have done great things. And in almost all these stories i found a great man, the father who is the backbone of every girl. Yes all these stories though depict the story of brave women, all these have in common is a feminist father or a man who stands behind her to push her to do the right thing, when everything else in the world condemns her or pushes her aside.

It is hard to find such men who actually can uphold a woman’s dream wholeheartedly. It takes great courage to be such a great man. And mostly only a father can be that man in most of the cases. For them, their daughters are great warriors. Only a father cannot see tears in the eyes of his daughter.
And truly such daughters are blessed.
But yes, we have the other worst side of the coin, wherein women are just entitled to do what the society decides. Never push your daughters into that dungeon, you are losing a real gem or a future that will make you proud.
Be that man, who supports feminism and is proud to stand beside the woman who is strong enough like you.

Like in the movie Pangaa, the lady is supported by her lil son and her husband.  When in the society it’s mostly the other way round. It is the girl who has to give up on her dreams.
For once, dream for your daughter, for your wife, for your sister, and for your mother or grandmother. They have given you enough, now give them space and opportunity to grow.

Let there be a saying ” behind every successful woman is a strong man”.

Beware I am ugly… The result of typecasting

We all typecast people based on appearance, status, income, jobs, and much more.
But why?
Especially when it comes to appearance, it strikes an uneven balance.
I remember the times when i was a kid, i was fairly a plump girl and being that i was always bullied all lot.
If i dont eat, i was bullied because they assumed i was showing off.
If i eat, then ..oh my god, why are you eating this much….slow down? Your age kids should eat less.

The next thing was my rabbit teeth. The moment i smile, i was told i look ugly..shut your mouth and just smile without showing your teeth.

Don’t wear tight clothes, you look horrible, wear loose and long ones so that your butt is hidden.
Also, they blamed me not wearing traditional wear, in my school farewell, when all the time they were bullying me for being fat.

My confused mind didn’t know what to follow.
I went on eating… without any guilt until i realized, i should take care of myself rather than listening to these bull shit around me.

Let me be ugly or beautiful, people never accepted me as who i am.

There was a time when i bothered it a lot. But now i care a little.

Dont go with appearance, we are not born to impress everyone.
And we are not instant noodles to become thin or beautiful instantly. Take care of your self, irrespective of what that idiota around you say.
Be who you are. Be proud of being you.
#sreepriyawrites #typecasting #beyourself #loveyourself

My train journey

These paths were never empty.
Every day it was filled with chatters and languages.
Some going to somewhere.
Some going anywhere.
Some drop off amidst of nowhere.
It was the usual general compartment journey.
When it began, there were people enough to fit on the seats…from upper to lower berth.
As the journey went on.
More and. More people boarded …
I sat amidst the crushing arms.
People staring here and there.
Wherever i looked, it was just eyes.
Leaving me no inch to move.
The only relief was the wind gushing in through those windows.
Even when i wanted to pee.
I did not move.
I sat along…
Hunger disturbed my mind.
Yet i sat, unmoving and rigid.
Because standing was far impossible…
I could see mothers, kids, old people around me.
But i was already numb…call me heartless…
But then i was unable to move.
It was now dark…
I could see the scenarios fade away from my eyes…
I wish everything went back to normal ..with a blink of an eye.
But again..my sleeplessness never condoned me.
I sat, wondering what each person’s story was…
And then, amidst all these.
I took a small sleep…
When i woke up.
I was all famished i felt…
But again so many of my travel companions were gone…and new people came in..
Again i was lured into my thought cycles.
Finally, the last station arrived…
And there was another great rush to get down.
I sat watching these people toggle down.
I was exhausted…
But had thousands of stories in my mind…to be written…from their unspoken and spoken words…
#trainjourney #indianrailways